Data Warehousing and BI Certification Training

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Visualize data like a pro with Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing


Key Highlights

  • 30 Hours of Live Instructor-led Classes
  • 10 sessions of 3 hours each on Weekends
  • Live Project on Real-life Case Studies
  • Practical Assignments
  • Lifetime Access to Learning Management System
  • 24x7 Expert Support
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Online Forum for Discussions

Course Overview

Data Warehousing and BI certification Training teaches how to gather useful business data and convert it into intelligible insights that can be used to make profitable decisions. The course will teach to apply data manipulation skills and create an effective data warehouse design effortlessly. Learners will learn to integrate and visualize data using visual analytics.

Course Objectives

  • Grasp the Database management essentials
  • Master SQL for business intelligence applications
  • Create data integration workflows and design efficient data warehouses
  • Create visualizations and dashboards using MicroStrategy's OLAP
  • Explore business intelligence concepts, tools and applications

Career Benefits

  • Enter the demanding data warehousing and business intelligence market
  • Raise prospects for your business intelligence career
  • Better remuneration
  • Suggest profitable decisions to your company through the data repository and applied business intelligence


  • Basic knowledge of SQL, UNIX, Windows Command Line, and general relational database (Oracle)

Who Should Take Up?

  • Business Intelligence Consultants
  • Data Warehouse Professionals
  • Data Warehouse Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • IT professionals


Course content

  • What is Data Warehousing?
  • Definitions by W.H. Inmon [Top-Down Design]
  • Ralph Kimball [Bottom-Up Design]
  • Inmon Vs Ralph Kimball
  • Data Warehousing Tools
  • Schema Modeling Tools, CA, ERwin, Dell Toad Data Modeler, Oracle Data Modeler
  • ETL Tools: Informatica Power Center
  • Talend DI Open Studio
  • IBM Data Stage
  • SAS
  • Data Warehousing categories
  • What is BI - Business Intelligence?
  • BI Definition, BI Tools, Classification of BI Tools
  • Relational Vs Analytical
  • What are - OLTP, OLAP, OLAP
  • categories - MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP
  • Data Warehouse Vs Data Mart
  • Dependent and Independent Data Mart
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Source System
  • ETL Extraction
  • Transformation
  • What is a cube?
  • Benefits of cube?
  • How to create the cube?
  • How to deploy a cube?
  • How to create a report using a cube?
  • DIMENSION TABLE - What is a Dimension Table?
  • Dimension table categories
  • FACT TABLE - What is Fact Table?
  • Fact Table Granularity
  • Fact Table categories
  • What is Data Normalization?
  • Data Normalization Rules - 1NF, 2NF, 3NF
  • Data De-Normalization
  • Dimensional Modeling - What is DM?
  • Principles, Benefits, Type and Technique
  • Source System Understanding
  • Future Data Requirement and Understanding
  • Designing and Developing Dimension Table
  • Designing and Developing Fact Table
  • Designing and Developing ER Model With Erwin
  • Designing and Developing Entity Relationship Modeling
  • Open source ETL
  • Talend DI Open Studio
  • Difference between Licensed and Open Source ETL Tools
  • What are Licensed and Open Source ETL Tools
  • Working with ETL Transformation in Talend Open DI Studio
  • Building ETL Project Talend DI Open Studio
  • Understanding the Data Source System which will be a future Data Requirement
  • Identify Business Requirement Gathering
  • Building the ETL Talend Technical Design Document
  • Building an ETL Project
  • Data Visualization BI Tool: Tableau 9.x
  • Introduction to Data Visualization with Tableau
  • Exploring Data Visualization with Tableau
  • What is Data Visualization?
  • Exporting Data and Working With Tableau
  • Building Data Visualization BI Project with Tableau 9.x
  • BI Reporting Understanding
  • Report and Dashboard Template Document
  • Tableau Design and Development Database Source Connection
  • An Integrated Data Warehousing & BI Project
  • Developing a Data Warehouse and BI Project
  • Source System understanding today's data that will be the future data requirement
  • Identify the Business Requirement Gathering
  • Report and Dashboard Template Document
  • Designing and Developing Models
  • Designing and Developing the Staging Area
  • Finalizing the Dimension Modeling Type
  • Designing and Developing Dimension Modeling