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Key Highlights

  • 30 hours of Instructor-led Live Sessions
  • Case Studies on real-life Scenarios
  • Lifetime Access to the Learning Management System
  • Practice Assignments
  • 24X7 Expert Support
  • Online Forum for Discussions

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Course Overview

Microsoft BI training enhances aptitude in tactical planning process. The course teaches the learner to apply standard set of approaches while taking strategic decisions in the organization. It furnishes the learner with the knowledge of MSBI concepts, such as SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS with the application of SQL Server. It trains the learners to create the best solutions for business intelligence and strengthens decision-making.

Course Objectives

  • Train learners in tactical decision-making and planning process
  • Make learners master the DW concepts
  • Provide on-hands training in ETL system using SQL Server Integration Services
  • Train the learners to provide efficient solutions for Business Intelligence and Data Mining Queries
  • Master numerous reports and visualization, using SSRS
  • To get the hold of MDX and DAX queries, Power Pivot, Power map, etc.
  • Get trained in custom visuals
  • Learn an integrated concept of BI tools to develop a BI solution
  • Teach concepts, such as data gateways, content packs, and Power BI Report Server

Career Benefits

  • Opportunity to become a part of one of the leading fields in the IT sector
  • Numerous possibilities to work on various BI projects
  • Diverse options to work on real-life analytics challenges
  • Chance to work in design enterprise-level reporting and amending data warehousing
  • Higher paycheck


  • Any IT professional interested in learning Business Intelligence can take up this course
  • Fundamental Understanding of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) - Optional

Who should take up?

  • Software Analytics with a background of RDBMS
  • Software Analytics with a background of ETL
  • Software Analytics with a background of OLAP
  • Software Architects
  • Data Analysts
  • Professionals working in BI projects

Course Content

  • Fundamental concepts of Data Warehousing
  • Concepts of Dimensions, Measures, Metadata, Schemas
  • Data Marts and Design approaches
  • Normalization and Denormalization and Schema types
  • Online Analytical Processing and Transactional Processing concepts OLAP Cube
  • Types of Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • Explain ETL process and various tasks involved in it
  • Discuss Business Intelligence concepts
  • How BI works with data-warehouse
  • Describe MSBI as One Stop Solution
  • Understand the MSBI Architecture, Import and Export wizard
  • Understand SSIS Architecture
  • Control Flow & its Components (Tasks, Containers, Precedence Constraints)
  • Data Flow & its Components (Source and Destination Connections, different types of Transformations)
  • Scenarios by combining Control Flow and Data Flow components
  • System Variables and User-defined variables
  • Data Conversion transformation
  • Multicast transformation
  • Union all transformation
  • Conditional Split transformation
  • Merge and Merge Join transformation
  • Lookup transformation
  • Cached Lookup transformation
  • For each loop and use-cases
  • Advancing Execute SQL Task with Object return type and type of Outputs usage
  • Bulk-insert task
  • Archival process using dynamic variables and FST
  • Parameters, Event Handling
  • Transaction Options, CheckPoints, Logging options, Log Provider
  • Configure Error Output and OnError event
  • Package Security: Package Protection Levels
  • Script Component, Package Configurations (5 types)
  • Debugging & Troubleshooting
  • Executing packages ? DTExec and DTExecUI
  • Package Deployment
  • Package Scheduling using SQL Agent
  • Understand Package Performance Tuning
  • Learn SSIS Best Practices
  • Package Performance Tuning
  • SSIS Best Practices
  • Introduction to SASS
  • It's Architecture
  • Features of SSAS
  • Modelling in SSAS
  • Tabular Model and Multidimensional Model
  • Data Sources, Data Source Views
  • Identify the Fact and Dimensions
  • Designing Dimensions
  • Dimension Hierarchies
  • Designing Measure Groups
  • Attribute Relationships
  • Storage Modes: MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP, Partitions
  • SSAS Deployment
  • Methods of database deployment
  • Named Calculations and Named queries
  • Aggregation, KPIs, Actions, Perspectives, Translations
  • Cube Processing
  • Different Processing Options
  • Explain MDX and DAX Queries
  • Loading Data into DW using SSIS, MDX queries, DAX Queries
  • Performance Optimization of cube and Dimension, Best Practices
  • Schedule the Cube processing
  • SSRS Features
  • Reporting Services Architecture & Lifecycle
  • Report Parameters and Multi-Valued
  • Cascaded Parameters
  • Types of Reports: Parameterized, Linked, Snapshot, Cached, Ad hoc, Clickthrough, Drillthrough, Subreports
  • Creating Groups, Filters, Expressions Sort and Interactive Sort, Alternate Row Colors, Repeating Row Headers and Column Headers
  • Describe Mobile report publisher
  • Exporting Reports to different formats
  • Web Portal
  • Deploying Reports and Data Sources
  • Securing Access to Reports (Role-based Security)
  • Aspects of security
  • Data Source Security, Caching Report and Snapshot Report
  • Report Subscriptions: Standard, Data-Driven
  • Managing Subscriptions, Ad-Hoc Reporting with Report Builder
  • Integration of Power BI with SSRS
  • End to End Business Intelligence Business Scenario involving SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, and MDX
  • MS BI Best Practices


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